Jacqueline Kennedy's Legacy

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Jacqueline Kennedy; an icon of United States’ culture, and political history; defined by impeccable style as well as the actions she took to renovate the role and responsibilities of First Lady of the United States. Because of her status, Mrs. Kennedy gave her husband’s administration a new side of glamor and allure that previous presidencies and administrations had considerably lacked. As such, Jacqueline Kennedy established her role as the most unforgettable First Lady in United States history as she completed John F. Kennedy’s legacy by creating the fantasy of the Camelot administration through her work during the days following her husband’s assassination. Without the work of Jacqueline Kennedy, the Kennedy administration would not be remembered…show more content…
On November 25th, 1963, the United States and the world mourned the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (Howard). Mrs. Kennedy insisted her husband’s casket was carried on the same carriage that had carried the casket of Abraham Lincoln (IBID). Behind the carriage walked Mrs. Kennedy, a model of self-control and dignity. As put by Ted Kennedy, she proved to be “a pillar of strength [and] it helped all the rest of us carry on” (Spada 85). Jacqueline Kennedy’s calm and dignified demeanor throughout won her widespread respect. Mrs. Kennedy was indeed clever in the fact that she knew that these images, went around the world. Moreover, she did a memorable job of keeping the poise of the presidency as one British reporter stated, “that Jackie Kennedy gave the American people something they’d never had before: majesty” (Cotterill). While some historians argue that Kennedy wasn’t the strongest on political policies, it is undoubtable that his administration will continue to live in the United States public’s memory for centuries to come. Through her dignity and self-determination, Jacqueline Kennedy won the title of the most unforgettable First Lady in American history. Such a memorable figure outlined the responsibility of dignity for First Lady in political and public issues such as the media attention between Bill Clinton and women who accused him of sexual assault (Matthews). His wife, Hilary Clinton, to this day has kept her dignity throughout the matter, an awareness which began with Mrs. Kennedy herself

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