Why Vaccination Should Be Mandatory Essay

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Vaccination Immunization should be mandatory at birth because early immunization protects the population from pandemic disease; therefore the AMA should require infants to be inoculated at birth. Immunizations were first given in the year of 1948. Edward Jenner is considered the first founder of the Vaccinology in the year of 1796. However, by the late 1940s, scientific knowledge had developed enough, so the large-scale vaccine production was possible and the disease control efforts could begin in earnest. The vaccine, everyone was waiting for in the year of 1950 was the polio vaccine. In the year of 1950 parents were scared of the polio epidemics that was occurring in the summer parents were too scared to let their kids go to swimming pools at times they would send them away with relatives in the country, so the polio wouldn't spread. In the late 1960s, vaccines were available to protect against mumps and rubella. The three vaccines were later combined into the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella ) vaccine in 1971. American Medical Association (AMA), was discovered in the year of 1847. The AMA is one of the largest and influential associations of the medical doctors. American Medical Association has played a big part in the…show more content…
Benefits include protecting children from contracting certain preventable diseases as well as improving overall public health. The CDC provides recommended vaccination schedules for children to prevent sixteen different diseases. Some of these diseases have become very uncommon, largely, if not entirely, due to effective vaccination campaigns.(p5)” Parents should know the good effects of the vaccine and they could be saving their child from a disease. There are many reasons why people may say not to give your child the vaccine, but it is always good to listen to science and not to other

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