Vaccination Persuasive Essay

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Have you really ever taken the topic of vaccinations for your kids, under consideration? Today we will be looking at the topic of, should children be vaccinated to go to school? In my opinion I feel that all children should be vaccinated. I will tell you just why in three simple but meaningful points. Those three points are, vaccinations were one of the biggest breakthroughs of the 20th century, vaccinations can mean life or death. Lastly, immunizations can save your childs life. Immunizations can save a childs life! How, you may ask. Think of it like this children with a possible disease, take the vaccinations, they later on find out that the vaccination they took saved their life. Amazing right? Just think if that one persons life can be saved, just imagine the lives that could be saved in a school. Many parents worry about the vaccinations being safe for their child. Those parents don’t need to worry, it is proven that there are more medical advances that means your child is protected from more than ever before! Many people worry that their child isn't going to get better after a vaccination and that’s why most people don’t get vaccinations. Doctors have found out recently that most people who get vaccinations as a kid live a long healthy life. So who wouldn’t want their child to live a long healthy life?…show more content…
Vaccinations are turning thousands of deaths from disease, infections, paralysis, into nearly none. For parents, vaccinations are a safe place because they know that their children are safe from disease and or death. From what I have researched, I found out that children that are not immune to disease will later become more immune to it. Before any vaccination is released to the public, it receives extensive scientific testing. These vaccinations are checked and tested by many scientist and professionals, to make sure they are safe to children and

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