William Golding Lord Of The Flies Excerpt Analysis Essay

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Lord of the Flies – William Golding In this small excerpt of Golding’s Lord of the Flies, there seems to be a division between the boys on the island. Two main people trying to take charge, Ralph and Jack. In the beginning of the excerpt there is a problem where a ship was seen, one that could have saved them, but there was no fire to signal that someone needed help. Jack, the one that actually let the fire burn out, tried to justify his actions with saying that they needed food, they needed meat, he ended up actually getting physical with one of the boys breaking Piggy’s lens. Jack then seemed to be experiencing guilt, and eventually apologizes. The fire then gets relit and the boys go on to eat the meat Jack brought from his hunt, except Ralph doesn’t easily allow himself to eat, until he remembers his past diet and eventually gives in. Jack…show more content…
He explains that the principle of utility recognizes this subjection, the subjection that there are two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure. He argues throughout the essay that pleasure is the only intrinsic value and pain the only intrinsic evil. All other goods and evil are just being derived from the qualities presented. As he goes on he explains how these qualities are measured, and he sums up that they’re measure by its intensity, duration, certainty and uncertainty, and by its propinquity or remoteness, He also includes its fecundity and purity. Bentham’s point of view requires that one does a kind of equation, summing up all the pleasures that may come from an act and than subtracting the pains. It is somewhat difficult to comprehend this. Lastly, Bentham claims that moral rightness and wrongness are defined in his utilitarianism approach according to their consequences in producing pain or

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