Jesse Owens Accomplishments

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JESSE OWENS Jesse Owens was the first black man to ever race in the Olympics when he was young he had lung cancer because he was a lifetime smoker he went to Cleveland east technical high school he was the youngest in his family to ever go to college he attend Ohio state university he was a son of a sharecropper his grandson was a slave who had become a track runner after him. Owens was the seventh child of henry and Emma Alexander Owens he was named James Cleveland Owens when he was born in Alabama on September, 12, 1913 when he was nine he had moved to Ohio when he meet his new teacher and she started calling him Jesse Owens and he said his name is going to be Jesse Owens for the rest of his life he started his career in 1928 in Cleveland Ohio where he set the junior high school records be clearing 6 feet in the high…show more content…
Now not only did he run but he showed that he was also very energetic and could jump. He also won a gold medal by the help of three others to win the 400 meter .Jesse Owens was the first black man to ever race against a white man in the Olympics he was very fast he wanted his daughters to grow and have a successful life like him he also was the first black man to ever race in the Olympics he had a nick called J.C because some of the people he had known for a very long time could not pronounce his name his parent was former slaves living on someone else property his parent could not afford medical care for him and his other siblings he had many illness but he

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