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It seems clear that a large part of the reason people don’t want to become Christians is that people don’t want to be told what to do. They want to live their lives the way they want to live them. They sense, correctly, that becoming a Christian would mean that they would have to change how they live in some ways, and probably those ways will be important. We prefer to be the god of our own lives, rather than have the God of the Bible be the god of our lives. This is all quite understandable, and there should be no way to get around the fact that salvation in God through Jesus Christ is going to present us with concomitant responsibilities. Sadly, many people do manage to get around this fact, and make shipwreck either of their lives,…show more content…
I’ve never felt a call to be a missionary. I never will. The job description doesn’t fit my personality. I couldn’t do it well. I’d be a disgrace and a failure. There are other things I can do, which fit my individual personality. Another person will have a different experience. He may have dreaded being called to be a missionary when he was first regenerated by God. But the Holy Spirit has led him on, and he may be brought to a time when he actually wants to be a missionary. And in fact he will find satisfaction in the work. He has his own distinct personality. He has not disappeared into God. He is only doing what he was meant to do, and he wouldn’t willingly change places with Bill Gates. We can in fact easily see that Christians don’t disappear into God, just by looking around us. Check out the personalities of the five or six Christians you most admire or enjoy being around. Are they interchangeable drill bits, bland automatons? No, each one has a very distinct personality. They have quirks. They have special interests. They have abilities which vary greatly. They have strengths. They may have weaknesses too, but removing the weaknesses will not move them toward blandness. Removing weaknesses will simply allow them to be even more the individuals they were meant to

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