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URBAN SUSTAINABILITY IN TODAY’S CITIES: CONSTRAINTS AND OPPORTUNITIES In this section, we will focus more on the foremost environmental constraints on the environment associated with urban agriculture and its potential role to aid in the improvement of the ecological performance of cities. And one among these major constraints is evident: the shortage of space in cities for cultivating food. Nevertheless, there are numerous advantages and opportunities to perk up the environment and ecology of cities. Urban farming can facilitate to build an improved microclimate and to preserve soils, to curtail waste in cities and to improve nutrient recycling. Nonetheless it also improves water management, biodiversity, the O2 - CO2 balance, and the environmental…show more content…
And Beijing sets the best example which is now a city of more than 10 million populations, very efficiently administers its own contiguous farmland widening to an area almost equal to the size of Belgium. Secondly, Shanghai sets the milestone, by using only 20% of the land that is administered by the city authorities to build on; 80% of the land that is mainly dedicated to the urban perimeter is being used for crop cultivation, and also to make the city self-sufficient in vegetables, rice, meat, chicken, duck, pork and carp. [11] Many cities have also made use of the land areas which are less suitable for housing, but often present outstanding positions to cultivate food. Dar es Salaam in Tanzania bears testimony. The city is well known for its spacious urban pattern and has countless areas near the rivers that are not suitable for housing, for the reason of regular flooding in the rainy season. These areas are well suited and so efficiently made use for growing

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