Queen Latifah

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Throughout this paper I will provide an in-depth analysis of the Queen Latifah song “Just Another Day…”. This analysis will explore how female/male relationships are explored throughout the greater hip-hop framework. As well I will explore the idea of masculinity in hip-hop music, discussed will be the presence of violence within hip-hop and how it has become normalized within the culture of hip-hop and associated with masculinity. As well throughout this essay we will explore the question of authenticity within hip-hop and it’s representation within their music. These concepts will be discussed as to how they are relevant and noted within the Queen Latifah song and video “Just Another Day…”. There is a complex intersection between race and…show more content…
And throughout the song she says “It’s just another day in the neighborhood, just another day in the hood.” This is both representation and representing authenticity, within the song. Authenticity, through perceived actual lived experiences has become an important aspect of hip-hop, as people expect hip-hop artist to have either actually experienced themselves, or through someone they personally know, the event they are discussing in their music. When hip-hop began in the ghettos of New York City many of the founders actually lived these experiences and embodied the poor urban image, which their art depicted. When rap came on the scene and for many years following, the artist were primarily black males who could identify with poor, urban, minority image honestly and project this image. Being real has become a central argument over what is constructed as an authentic rapper, as well this question holds with it implications for the acceptance into the hip-hop community for a rapper. Being real is an important concept that has emerged as important signifiers to a rappers credibility and authenticity. Rap and hip-hop videos and music represent the roots of hip-hop and representations of it, through language and mages of urban terrain. These images are typically portrayed in the songs by describing the areas and narrating the social events, which are being portrayed. This is seen in Queen Latifah’s “Just Another Day” through her discussing events that have occurred in her neighborhood, from children being arrested, and shot, to the need to be strapped in order to be safe walking around the neighborhood
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