Transgender Issue In Sports

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Ziyuan Liu Transgender Issue in Sports Introduction There has arisen the highly discussed and controversial issue of sports participants being transgender. A transgender person is one whose internal mental identification as being of a particular gender does not match up to the sex attached to the individual at birth. This factor has been a highly considered factor among sport leagues who have to ensure equality and fairness in sports. As such, there exists the argument on the issue of man-to-female transgender individual might gain an upper hand in sports when participating in sports as a female.…show more content…
Further, the transgender sports participants should have undergone a complete sexual change, and this applies especially to the men who have transgendered into the female gender. Additionally, the relevant authorities and especially in their states of origin must have priory ascertained and approved the transgendered nature of the athlete participant. Additionally, the NCAA has approved the participation of transgender athletes in sports. This has been under the belief of the core values of the NCAA that has commitment to the diversity that exists in the society, gender equity and inclusion among the student athletes, their administrators and coaches. Students have increasingly associated and identified themselves with being transgender, a factor that has affected the sports capabilities and capacities in schools (NCAA 18). Due to the stigmatization that still exist in some school environments, the transgender students would rather not participate in sports than raise the issue of their transgender…show more content…
Acceptance of the transgender people, therefore, is key to ensuring the maintenance of the culture of sports in the world. It is the responsibility of the school administrators to ensure that they provide an accepting and respectable environment for the transgendered students to participate in sports. Among the steps that sports leagues have taken to ensure the acceptance of the transgendered individuals in sports is to include the issue of being transgender as one of the factors in their non-discriminatory policies (Rozenberg 103). This will give the individuals with transgender issues to feel more accepted and they will have more courage and willingness to participate in various sporting activities. In its acceptance of transgendered sport participants, the NCAA has created transgender policies in their bylaws to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity of participating in various sports. The NCAA Bylaw 20.9 states that a male that chooses to participate in a girls’ team should make that team a mixed team and the team should register as such. All the mixed teams will participate under that category throughout the year

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