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With the information I have collected I should be able to show how the Games started and how they evolved to become one of the world’s best sporting event. They may be seen as a heritage of some sort. Some of the history records show us that the Olympic Games can be found to have started during the 776 BC. These games were a dedication to the ancient gods and were performed on ancient plains of Olympia. They played out for an estimated 12 centuries till an emperor by the name of Theodosius ordered that all of this “pagan cults” should be banned. All of this happened in 393 AD. Olympia is the site of ancient Olympic Games and it is in the western parts of the Peloponnese. Peloponnese is the island of Pelops and Pelops is the founder of the Olympic Games. This site of spiritual beauty has many temples to offer such as voting building and sporting facilities. The site of Olympia worked as religious meeting place and some political…show more content…
The Olympic Games were staged in honour of Zeus. He was considered the most important Olympic god. He offered a good harvest and protected the family and those who lived around him. Hera was the wife and sister of Zeus. She was also worshiped by people around Greece. Hera was also known as Argeria because she was worshiped a lot by the people who lived in Argo. She was considered to be the protector of marriage and martial bond. She may be seen as one the most important female God or idol and also as the spouse of the father of the gods. Greek people believed that Athena was the daughter of Zeus and she was worshiped in Achaean and was depicted as a warrior goddess wearing a full armour suit from the early era. She favoured the sensible outcome of confrontations. Apollo also known as the god of moral order and music. He is also seen as the pastoral god. Most of the people who praise him are farmers because he protected the flock from

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