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Introduction Pregnancy among teenagers especially those that are at tertiary institution seems to be an increasing problem with serious health implication for young mothers. Teenage pregnancy is an unintended and unexpected pregnancy of women with the age of 19 below. The number of teen pregnancies is increasing and it is a common problem in the country. This is the condition of being pregnant of adolescence aged 10 to 19. The victims of teenage pregnancy are the girl herself, her child, her parents and relatives and the national society as a whole. It will also probably make her economically vulnerable and fragile. Teenage pregnancy is a communal problem, a family problem, and personal problem all rolled into one. It frequently goes hand in hand with premarital sex. Problems come when the news needs to breach each parent’s party. Teenage perception about this teenage pregnancy were determined, some factors that will contributed into teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy may carries some significant non-health risks which are specific to this stage in life course. There is a high chance for the health risk of the baby born by the teenage mothers which is more likely to suffer in health, social, and emotional problems. Most of the problems on education…show more content…
But some teenage girls become afraid and hide the fact from their parents out of fear and will never tell their problems. This makes the parents and the would-be teenage mother to drift in their ways. As a result, the medical checkups that are due them will not be provided to them and they – both the baby and the mother will be at high risks of being exposed to some problems like the fetal rejection that sets in naturally. This makes them to be in two minds. This is because they can neither back from the abortion nor can they try to bring the

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