An Essay About Winter Olympic Games

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Contributing friendship, peace and all other goodnesses among humanity, the sport is the best thing to make country famous in the world. Winter Olympic games, this is really big and prestigious event for all people, almost 90 nations from 5 continents and more than 6500 participants are going to be together in Pyeongchang Winter Olympic games. This event is going to be the biggest winter Olympic games in history, South Korea is preparing so many new sports complexes and places to make this event very beautiful. From 123rd IOC Session of International Olympic committee in 2011 Durban, they began all the preparation for this sporting event. There are only more than 120 days left and almost all the preparation process is ready for it but is it enough, there are so many things that should be…show more content…
The most successful one can be Sochi example in financial point of view because their revenue was biggest one respect to their spending.What is the special about Sochi? what makes that games economically profitable and what are the things we have to learn in order to learn and apply in Pyongchang. Russian government mostly invest money on service and creating as much as comfortable conditions for all. However there is another side of the coin, we also should learn bad sides of them in order to not to do again. For example, an unsuccessful example might be Nagano 1998 because it was most costly Winter Olympic Games ever, Japan spent 26 billion dollars overall that is five times bigger than the average expenditure entire of all. Another thing is that they could not make much profit is services and they didn’t use properly post-games facilities. Developing tourism also was not soo much successful that was a big issue for

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