How To Manage Animals During A Disaster Essay

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Disasters come in many forms and may require you to leave the comfort of your home for a couple days or force you and your family to relocate permanently. That said, each type of emergency requires different levels of preparation to help keep you and your loved ones safe out of harm’s way, so the best thing to do in this case is to prepare yourself. While preparing, however, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget – your pet. Although there are challenges of managing animals during a disaster, ultimately, no pet should ever be left behind. That’s why it’s important to practice and have a plan ready to go. Pet disaster preparedness doesn’t just refer to putting an endless amount of food and water in front of them in case you’re gone for too long, it involves taking the right measures to help keep them safe during an emergency. Remember, animals do amazing things, and they have a…show more content…
In your pet disaster kit, you should also include: Medication and shots records. You should keep both documents in a waterproof container or place it somewhere it’s not easily accessible. A sturdy, or reliable leash to help transport your pet safely from one location to the next. Be sure to have secure cages with very few loose objects inside to accommodate for those smaller pets – like black pugs. You might also need to transport things like blankets, chew toys, and bedding to help reduce the amount of the stress your pet goes through, and to help keep them warm, of course. An up-to-date picture of your pet, along with a description of them so residents or search parties can identify them if they go missing. During a Disaster: Now that you’ve created a checklist for your pet in case of an emergency, the next step is knowing what to do in case you’re both caught in the middle of a

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