Earl Swagger Character Analysis

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Earl Swagger is the lead character in the Earl Swagger series of novels by American novelist Stephen Hunter. The first novel in the series that featured Earl Swagger was the 2000 published title Hot Springs. The books are best classified as mystery thrillers. Earl Swagger is a World War II hero that has been hired to clean up his hometown of Hot Springs in Arkansas, which has fallen into gambling and corruption. The series begins in 1946 immediately after the War when organized crime was at its peak. A man full of integrity, and with the skills to deal with criminal gangs, he is the perfect choice to lead the fight for the town. The first novel in the series, Hot Springs tells the tale of Earl Swagger, a man who though tough as nails is…show more content…
The most popular of the books is Point of Impact that was made into the movie Shooter in 2007. The movie featured Michael Wahlberg as the lead and was an Antoine Fuqua creation. In early 2016, the USA Network confirmed that they would be picking up the Point of Impact story, and making it into a TV series also known as shooter. Ryan Philippe would play the role of retired Marine recon sergeant Swagger. The fourth book in the series, the 47th Samurai was picked up by New Regency and is in development. Titled The Sword, Robert Kamen who is the writer of the Taken and the Transporter Franchises has been picked by New Regency to write the…show more content…
Featuring a tough protagonist and all out action, the book is sure to provide a thrill for any Stephen Hunter fan. The second book in the Earl Swagger series is the one that is most highly regarded by fans. After his friend Sam, a former prosecutor vanishes while investigating a sinister racism conspiracy in Thebes, Earl Swagger sets out to investigate. He soon discovers a peculiar prison with an all-negro population and a town that has a Ku Klux Klan type population wary of strangers. While he manages to free his friend, he is soon arrested on suspicion of being an investigator with the federal government. With an acquired hatred for white people, Earl must now protect himself from the inmates while planning a daring

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