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Teah Davis 2/21/15 Short Answers: 1. Dona Marina was Cortes’s interpreter and advisor. She understood the language of the Indians and communicated with them for Cortes. 2. Beginning with Alvarado hearing rumors that a ceremonial dance was actually to end in sacrifice of the Spaniards, he decided to strike first. The retaliation of the Aztec’s tricked the Spaniards into marching right into a trap and when they tried to escape, the night became known as Noche Triste. Cortes loosing many men in the defeat made him want to take down Tenochtitlan more than ever. Exam Essay #1 Before the arrival of the Cortez in Tenochtitlan, the Aztec’s had made a comfortable home for themselves. However, before the findings of their settlement land,…show more content…
Tenochtitlan had been destroyed by all the fighting and Spaniards decided to replace many of the Aztec’s buildings with their own. Many buildings got replaced with Catholic churches or government buildings. However, those were not the only things that had changed. Spaniards rulings were very different than that of the Aztec’s. Tremendous changes in ruling power had a huge impact on indigenous Mexicans. Spaniards loved wealth and power. They were always in search for riches and more people to convert to their religion. They continuously took down any empire they knew was wealthy. That is what ultimately led them to New Mexico to begin with. Though they were very satisfied with the riches they found from the Aztec’s they only continued to search for more. Only to add to this power trip, every economic policy or government rule the Spanish put in place was decided only to benefit the mother country. “Like other European colonial powers, Spain subscribed to the economic philosophy of mercantilism, which held that the purpose of a colony was to make the mother country stronger and more self-sufficient” (Meyer, Sherman, and Deeds 2011, p.128). Though there were other considerations taken, profit was their main

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