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• Environment sustainability has always been a major CSR initiative of Godrej Industries. • In the company’s current line of business, Environment plays a crucial role. Hence protecting the environment and conserving the natural resources has been a prima-facta responsibility of Godrej industries. • Hence the following would be the additional CSR activities which would be well aligned with the current CSR activities of the company. • Rain Water Harvesting • It has been Godrej’s initiative to harvest rain water and propagate availability of water to regions which recipe scanty rainfall. • Rainwater harvesting was carried out at Marathwada region in Maharashtra to help increase the ground water levels in the vicinity. • As the area receives…show more content…
• This is complemented by extensive tree plantation initiatives to green the area around the plant and help in soil and water retention. • Green Environment, Clean Environment • As it continues to expand its business on both the domestic and international fronts, a greener and cleaner environment for all is one of its main objectives in the company's march towards progress. • The need to protect our environment and conserve resources has been explicitly disseminated through its mission and vision statements. The company has taken a holistic stance for the protection of environmental resources and taken preventive measures as a part of its operation module. • Godrej has built up a strong Environment Conservation Department to make all the company’s projects environment friendly. • To promote a green and clean environment, Godrej Industries proactively implements the concept of green productivity and takes preventive measures in and around its various facilities. • Conservation of natural resources and pollution control is a part of its operation module. • Some of the green initiative of Godrej Industries are as follows: o Controlling Air…show more content…
• Resource Conservation • One of the long-term targets of Godrej’s environmental plan is to strive to achieve zero usage of virgin materials that the company identifies as key resources such as oil and certain metals. • Based on the idea of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Godrej strives to achieve an environmentally conscious recycling system and to ensure effective take-back and recycling of end-of-life products. • In addition, the company continues to increase the use of recycled resources and to design products that are easy to recycle. • This is based on the idea of Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) to help in promoting the establishment of appropriate laws and the building of infrastructure to recycle Godrej products. • Forest Conservation • Godrej has launched activities to the conservation of forests on the Periyar Wild life sanctuary in Kerala together with the WWF (World wide fund for Nature). • The tropical forests of Kerala boast a rich biological diversity with few parallels around the

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