Hollyoaks Real Life Issues

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How television soap drama uses media to deliver real life issues to the audience and do they target a specific type of audience or can everyone relate to it. In this essay, I am going to explain to you how Hollyoaks, which is a soap drama reflects on real life issues. As an example, in Hollyoaks they have actors playing a serial killer to show that these things really happen. This could refer to when woman’s are abused and killed in real life through social networking. The overall argument for this essay is that if the soap operas help people to relate to what happens in their life. The case study for this essay is based on Hollyoaks, which is a soap opera/drama on television. In general Hollyoaks began to play first on Channel 4 on the 23rd…show more content…
Even though male abuse is more common in a relationship this story shows that not only men’s can be abusive. It doesn’t matter what the gender it is, but it is good to know that this issue happens in a gay and lesbian relationship as well as in a heterosexual relationship. EastEnders shows that strong and confident women’s can be hurt too, while they can play out to the world that everything is going well in their life. In the research that was done, it was found that these characters in both soap dramas were there to show people that these things happen in real life and how they can prevent it. As a matter of fact, this helped many women’s to show that there is help available and it’s never too late for anything. Also, it gave women’s the courage to tell or report these issues to somebody they trust. We also would advise male who are abused by women’s to get help. There is a Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004 to help victims. Even though it is anybody that could be abused it is a fact that women’s are victims of domestic abuse or even other abuses, such as rape or sexed crimes and battered woman. Also, it seems like that this matter is a feminist

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