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For my Junior Christian Service project, I worked for Archcare at the Mary Manning Walsh Home. The Mary Manning Walsh Home, located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, serves as a hospice, nursing home, and as a rehabilitation center for Catholic senior citizens. I worked there on Mondays from 4:30-8:00 for the most part for a total of fifteen hours. My service was to be with the rehabilitation of a patient, or the transporting/accompaniment of a patient. This service fits into the larger mission of this agency because of my assistance to the nurses and patients. This work not only gave the nurses some much needed help but also assured many of the patients that there are people who care for them and are interested in their well-being. Over the course of my service, I have assisted and aided many patients. But, the person that I remember the most from my service is a patient named Niamh. She is a…show more content…
The work that I was doing during my service hours at Mary Manning Walsh made the patients there feel loved and cared for. Most of the time, simply talking to the patients like everyday people or friends made them feel loved, specifically agapic love. The experience of working with the sick, disabled, and elderly at Mary Manning Walsh helped me to realize that the patients there are more than meets the eye. The patients I was serving had a multitude of experiences and memories that were immensely interesting and entertaining. They helped teach me that just because they were old, disabled, sick, or needy, didn’t have the same dignity as everyone else and that they weren't normal people. The memories and experiences that the patients shared with me affirmed this and demonstrated that the patients I was serving were simply regular human beings also and deserve the same treatment and respect as everyone else if not

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