Summary Of The Black Metropolis In Chicago

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Racial segregation can be defined as the separation of people in everyday life according to race, class or ethnic groups. It is a problem that is still evident in many countries today although it was notably prominent in America as most African Americans were brought over as or descended from slaves. Even after being freed in the aftermath of the Civil war in-between 1861-65, African Americans continued to live segregated and with fewer rights until the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and 1968 when all forms of segregation were outlawed (Bullard, 2007). In this essay, we will be primarily focusing on the ‘Black Metropolis’ in Chicago as described in the reading ‘Mapping the Black Metropolis’ in Chicago’s New Negroes by D.L. Baldwin. We will firstly…show more content…
African Americans were prevented from renting or buying houses in neighbouring residential areas with the rationale of protecting property values. This resulted in rents being higher in the run-down, ill-maintained areas than in the adjacent white neighbourhoods. . It wasn’t just living areas as there were stores and restaurants that didn’t serve blacks, walking in certain areas was unthinkable, to run for a state office higher than senator wasn’t done and to hope for a managerial position or high skilled job was laughable (Cayton,…show more content…
They blamed southern migrant behaviours and ways for the racial tension and violence at the time which would result in events like the race riots of 1919. However, it was undeniable that it was the leisure and entertainment world that provided ‘the socioeconomic and conceptual base for the black metropolis’ (Baldwin, 2007). This is perhaps best personified by the fact that black businesses like beauty salons or lunch counters often struggled and had to serve as legal fronts for gambling institutions. Despite the struggle to gain respect, the race riots greatly soured relations between the two sides and prevented any thoughts of social equality (Solot,

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