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Main points on The Role Of Your Industry In Malaysia. The fishery sector has been playing an important role as a major supplier of animal protein to the Malaysian population for decades. However, Malaysia has always been a net importer of fish in terms of volume. In monetary terms, the country has been a net fish exporter. Food security 1. Production of high-value fish/shrimp species in the aquaculture sector is a major thrust of the Third National Agriculture Policy (NAP3). - The policy is to continue the production and export of such quality commodity for export earning, and utilizing the foreign exchange acquired for the import of relatively cheap fishery products to cater for the protein requirement of the general public 2. In the rural…show more content…
In fact, Sabah seafood is so famous that local restaurants are tourism attractions by themselves. Numerous communities also benefit through employment and socio-economic opportunities that are associated with fishing, aquaculture and fish processing. Consumers of seafood and other aquatic produce of course have long enjoyed the numerous and assorted bounties from the seas and rivers. The fisheries and aquaculture industries produce about 200,000 metric tons of fish worth about 700 Ringgit annually. This translates to a contribution of 2.8% to the Sabah’s annual Gross Domestic Product. The major contributor to this is the marine capture fisheries which accounts for about 80%. The main commercial fishing gears are trawls, purse seines and lift nets. The trawl fishery is by far the main commercial fishing activity in Sabah. Freshwater fishes from rivers are important sources of protein for villagers in the interior regions of Sabah where seafood and livestock are in scarce supply due to their inaccessibility. Important freshwater capture fisheries are found in the large rivers of Labuk, Segama, Kinabatangan and
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