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Hindu Kush Range The Hindu Kush paved the way for the Central Asian conquests in India. It connects Central Asia with the Karakorum and Himalayas chain in the southeast. It is thus a divided line between the Central and South Asia. Geologists believe that Hindu Kush is in growing process and is confronted with earthquake problems. Its base composed of igneous rocks, is volcanic in nature and over shadowed by thick sedimentary layers. The Hindu Kush system is spread over a 600 kilometers length and around 300 kilometres in width. Kohe-Baba, Firozkoh, SiahKoh, SufedKoh, Tir Band Koh, is their other important range that provides outlets to water and constitute passes their ground bases. Pamir Range Pamir is also commonly known as Bam-e-Duniya (roof of the world). Its actual boundaries not yet finally defined yet its centre is placed in the Gorno-Badakhshan area of modern Tajikistan with spill over into Kyrgyzstan. Tajikistan lies towards its north and west Xinjiang region in the east and Afghanistan Pakistan in the south. Since the mountain is vastly spread it has dozens of peaks. High peak on the Tajik side called Communism Peak which rises to 24,590Ft (7495m). There are about 3000 glaciers reported in the…show more content…
It refers to chain of mountain that dot the Iran-Turkistan border. KopetDagh is a mountain system basically Iranian. It is situated to the north east of Iran constituting the Khurasan Turkmen Mountains. The KopetDagh runs north west-south east around 650 kilometres. It attains highest width in the northwest (200kms) falling down to 40 kilometres in the South East. It is located in the alpine region. Its highest peak Koh-e-Kuchan lies in Iran with 10,446ft. KopetDagh climate is dry subtropical and temperature in summer rises over 30°C, in winter dropping down to zero or below zero. Annual precipitation ranges between I50-500, greater in spring (March-April) owing to polar front Mediterranean

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