To Kill A Mockingbird Racism Analysis

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Racism, it can be simply described as a strong disregard for someone who is different from the standards set by oneself. Anas humans, racism are also present in our queer tendency to disregard our faults, just to have the sense of perfection, like an infant, we push away the issue then accuse and punish the innocent to have self-satisfaction of a thought victory. Such as the fictional town in To Kill A Mockingbird, Maycomb. Where Scout, the main character, learns about the racial inequalities deeply rooted in her hometown, and consequently these issues can still be found in the modern world. So, what can we, as a society, learn from Scout's experience with racism in Maycomb, to learn and move past the racism that is so embedded in America,…show more content…
This leaves room for one social class to discriminate against another. Therefore creating another issue that purges the town of Maycomb. As when Scout wants to play with Walter, Scout is astonished to hear that she can't play with walter “Because—he—is—trash, that's why you can't play with him. I'll not have you around him, picking up his habits and learning Lord-knows-what.” (Lee 301) Trash, to describe a child playing with another child? Of course Aunt Alexandra thought she had good intentions, but obviously she has no tolerance whatsoever for people who are below her. Walter had nothing to do with the poor reputation of the Cunninghams yet she has been raised in such a way that to her being around children of “trash” is shameful. The social classes in Maycomb is broken and you see "The thing about it is, our kind of folks don't like the Cunninghams, the Cunninghams don't like the Ewells, and the Ewells hate and despise the colored folks." Showing how to town functions is important. Implying that a poor white man still is better than a black man is, and with great confidence to say so, preposterous! To make a connection with modern day, as a society, all of us are fit into the three main social classes; The Rich, The Middle Class, and The Poor. The separation of race is nonexistent, and even though we still have issues of racism in America, we have come far enough to realize that the issues do not lie in skin tone or gender. But instead education, and Maycomb fails to connect education with a great future. An clearly we can see that children and adults living in slums or ghettos are more likely to have low education and a higher rate of crime decreasing every little thing they own to nothing. Thereof, unfortunately, the paint the rest of the black community like garbage, forming a racist stereotype that applies even to the african
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