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In this chapter, some previous papers are described dealing with slang words. The information was obtained from three papers such as thesis review, e-journal review, and paper review which includes problems, data, theory, and concept. The paper that dealing with slang words has been done previously by some student will be described below. The first paper is entitled “The Analysis of American slang Used in “21 Jump Street” Movie Script Written by Jonnah Hill and Michael Bacall” by I Putu Gede Sridana Arta Yasa (2014). In this paper the writer discussed about the type of slang, the function of slang usage, and the meaning of slang words. In this paper, the main theory the writer applied was the theory proposed by Allan and Burridge (2006), and consists of Fresh and Creative, Flippant, Imitiative, Acronym, and Clipping. In this paper, the writer used qualitative method to analyze the data. In his paper, the writers found that the type of slang used by the characters in “21 Jump Street” movie script dominantly used the imitative type and the acronym type is the fewest slang type found in the movie script. The…show more content…
The writer found that the type of slang used by the characters in movie “2 Fast 2 Furious” is generally from primary slang, it is because almost all of the slangs in the movie script are very natural. The secondary slang is not used too much by the characters in movie “2 Fast 2 Furious”. The writer also found that the Referential Fuction was dominantly found in movie “2 Fast 2 Furious” and from the analysis of the meaning of American Slang, the writer found that the meaning of slang is depend on the usage because slang word has various meaning. The weakness of this paper is the writer analyzes the secondary slang only from the stylistic matter. However, this paper gives a lot of contribution in describing about slang
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