Russell Brand's 'Big Brother Isn T Watching You'

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Is the government dismissing the riots, and the rioters themselves? You could get that idea when you read Russell Brand’s commentary” Big Brother isn’t watching you”. The article was published on The Guardian’s website in 2011. It was in response to the 2011 UK riots. Russel Brand is an actor, comedian and musician and he is, as he calls it, British and more specifically “Essex boy” (Essex is north-east of London). Throughout the essay, Brand speaks very freely about his opinion, and he is very blunt and that can be seen in the style of the essay. He uses curse words such as “fucking” and “twerp”. He also uses great deal of sarcasm to illustrate his point, for example of how he expresses how useless some politicians were in the aftermath of…show more content…
Because he is famous, there is a higher chance people will listen and take him serious, than one of the protesters. But it might have been better to use his fame to let one of rioters tell their story, instead of him assuming what the situation is like. Some might be in it to just ravage stuff, but some of the others might be people who frustrated at something and feel they aren’t heard. As Martin Luther King said “A riot is the language of the unheard”. Maybe it isn’t the best to speak over someone who already feels unheard. He even writes that the rioters should be included and heard, and that he shouldn’t really “ponder a solution” because he himself have received money from corporations as an actor. Corporations, who he thinks in general contributes to the alienation of the underclass. So again, he himself might be aware of his privilege, and he should perhaps, instead of assuming things, have passed the spotlight on to one of the rioters. It would have had a higher creditability if it was one of the rioters that shared their frustrations and story. He could have brought attention to a rioter, instead of representing them, while not being a part of

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