Soulmate Speech

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I was 5 when I got my timer. We all were. We didn't have a surprise to when we meet our soulmate. Once your timer runs out at that moment you have met your soulmate. The weird thing with it though is you could already know the person but the timer won't go off until you to actually fall for each other. Growing up most of my friends met there soulmates before me. One of my friends her name was Madison met hers (Anthony) on the first day of 1st grade during class. while my other friend Dylan met his (Mary) during 8th grade promotion. They all had there awesome stories of meeting there soulmates. The feeling they described of your timer being done. I wanted that. I would have that. First day of first grade and me and my best friend went into our classroom and…show more content…
All three of us started playing soccer. We mostly got involved in the same activities. By the time we were at our 8th grade promotion we already started signing up for classes in high school. The three of us also became popular. (witch nobody saw coming). During the summer they had soccer things happening at the high school, so the three of us were there all the time playing soccer learning there strategies so we could get on the team when the school year started. The school year started and we made the team we had a lot of the same classes together. Eventually the football year started so we went to the games, but it wasn't just the three of us. My best friend Abby hung around with us a lot as well. Abby always has had a crush on Johnny so she always asked me to find out if he likes her or if I like Dereck so that I won't be Johnny's soulmate. At the same time though we all love just hanging out together and just being friends. Sooner than later homecoming came and instead of that the four of us went to Abby's house and ate pizza, Drank soda, ect. Then after a long stretch soccer season finally came. Thanks to the three of us we won the whole
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