Malcolm X Learning To Read Summary

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“Learning to Read”, by Malcolm X reveals that he had a reading and writing problem. Malcolm X wanted to get the attention of Elijah Muhammad, but did not have the skills to write to him through letter while he was in jail. Muhammad was a religious leader and all Malcolm X knew was his street slang. Malcolm X was frustrated that he cannot express his thoughts through letter, because he didn’t know how. He decided while he was in jail to learn how to write and read, by copying the dictionary. It was difficult for him to copy the dictionary, because he had bad penmanship. That didn’t stop him from copying the dictionary and he kept practicing. After many months of practicing, he was able to read and write. He can finally write to Mr. Muhammad in a professional manner, which he wanted to do first place. In light of being in jail, Malcolm X felt free to be able to read books that he thought he would never read.…show more content…
He wanted to show he was not a thug, but a man with words that expresses himself in a professional way. He wanted to write a letter to Mr. Muhammad, but he doesn’t have the right language or penmanship for Mr. Muhammad to understand. Malcolm could not read his own penmanship, so he knew that Mr. Muhammad wouldn’t understand either. Malcolm X and I, have the same struggle with writing and how to express with words. I feel as frustrated as he is and I am working on being a great writer. Quotation 2#: He states “immensely proud to realize that not only had I written so much at one time, but I’d written words that I never knew were in the

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