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Are Single-Sex Schools Optimal for America’s Future? Do you want your child to grow up in an environment which increases gender stereotypes and makes boys and girls uncomfortable around each other? Educators have tried to find ways to improve students’ test scores and have minimal distractions, and because some students do excel in a same gender environment, schools in our district may soon become a single-sex environment. Although single-sex schools may make students more comfortable in their classrooms because they are around the same gender, schools should not separate boys and girls because co-ed schools help students to be comfortable with the opposite sex, students learn the correct way to treat the opposite gender, and co-ed schools provide a greater opportunity for kids to make friends. Schools should not segregate boys and girls from each other because co-ed schools help students to be more comfortable around the opposite sex. Niche, which is a website that helps parents and students find colleges, schools, and neighborhoods, states that it can be difficult for a student who has not spent time around the opposite gender to transition into a “mixed gender” world, where they will have to interact with the opposite sex on a daily basis.…show more content…
So if you want to live in a world where men and women can’t communicate comfortably to each other, or where men and women don’t know how to treat each other respectfully, then sign your kid up for a single-sex school; but wouldn’t you rather live in a world where men and women can communicate comfortably with each other, men can focus when a woman is in the room, and a woman can be comfortable when a man is in the room, and both parties treat each other

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