The Influence Of Social Identity

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During a person’s life, he or she will collect more and more different kinds of labels, which can be also called as social identities. Those labels are stamped on every perspective of a person. Discriminations and stereotypes also mostly stem from those vivid marks, which have the strong influence on our behaviors to others and how we judge others. Some of them are naturally born to carry with, the others are formed from social construction. In this essay, namely, I will discuss the labels from three parts, including gender, power, and sexuality together with the events I also have come across in the path of my life. Those three identities can directly affect one’s impression of another person and biases are mostly stemmed from them. Gender bias, nowadays, has formed a new type currently. Then, power matters in dealing with the relationships among people. Finally, the sexuality has a great influence on one’s assessments on others.…show more content…
“Besides the gender bias, it also showed that gender is never a simple biological classification as sex but combines many other issues” (Allen 42). For example, the brand Always, the subsidiary of P&G, once designed a public service advertisement named “Act Like a girl”. It showed that girls were posted on many stereotypes that females should have specific ways to act themselves (Always 2014). Not only females but also males are facing more and more social norms’ constraints. Those social norms come from either traditions or new moral constructions. Therefore, each gender suffers much greater pressure nowadays than that in the past and gender discrimination has also appeared new
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