Essay On Single Sex And Mixed School

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Outline Single Sex and mixed Schools (For and against) I. Introduction: • Thesis Statement: The first challenge the parent face in their child’s life is to choose for them their school either single sex or mixed school. From the positive points of the single sex school that it gives more educational opportunity, it customizes learning according to the gender moreover it minimize being uncomfortable on puberty stage. On the other hand there is less motivator in single sex school, in addition, that students are less opinionated and Students will be missing the kind of friendship from other sex which will have a negative impact in their social life. II. 1ST Reason (with): Educational Opportunity • Topic Sentence: Stereotype is one of the…show more content…
• Evidence: Young men in coed schools feel more capable in the sciences and arithmetic than their female partners; they can utilize their better potential than inspire young ladies to notice them. That is, they comprehend on the off chance that they do well in these 'exhausting/boyish' subjects young ladies will request them for help and will get their homework done with them he also added guys around young ladies feel the need to substantiate themselves so they perform better. VI. 2nd Reason (against): Students tend to be more shy • Topic sentence: Mixed Schools build the students character • Evidence: According to studies 75% of Korean children go to the co-ed schools, which indicate that they are more beneficial. As the student learn to battle against difficulties. As they go to single sex schools they don’t learn to cooperate with the other According to the research of a Canadian university, over 50% of students whom were in mixed schools know how to deal and work in groups with the other sex . By doing group projects in mixed schools, they get to know more about each

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