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Bermuda Triangle Bermuda Triangle is a section in the Atlantic Ocean bordering Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. The Bermuda Triangle covers approximately 500, 000- square miles into the ocean away from the Southeastern area of Florida. The area has had many people believe in mythical explanations concerning the disappearances of ships and aeroplanes flying across the field a phenomenon that has seen many scientists engage in experiments and studies trying to establish the cause of the disappearances. Among the major disappearances that have taken place around the triangle is that of the U.S. Navy bombers whose plane lost control while flying across the area (DeMolay 2007). Similarly, ships and boats have disappeared in a mysterious manner without nay wreckages or fatalities found which increases the level of mystery and curiosity…show more content…
The holes cover up to a half a mile in width and 150 ft in depth. They associate the craters with a buildup of methane gas away from the Norway part productive of natural gas. The methane could have come from the deposits of natural gases below the earth’s surface, which burst after accumulating massive amounts of gases. More so, researchers from Arctic University in Norway claim of the existence of multiple giant craters on the sea floor in the West-Central area of the Barnet Sea. The professionals have linked the findings in Barnet Sea as similar with those surrounding the controversies and myths of the Bermuda Triangle. A scientist from Russia by the name Igor Yeltsov claimed that the Bermuda mystery is due to the consequences of reactions from gas hydrates. He continued to explain that the decomposed methane becomes a gas just like an avalanche nuclear reaction. Consequently, the oceans heats and the vessels end up sinking amidst waters and presence of

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