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`“If you’re going through hell, keep going” was once said by Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The direction of this essay will be to explain the life of Winston Churchill, with the topics covered being his family life, military career, his accomplishments, and even his short comings. Churchill was a hero to the British People in a time where it seem the political infrastructure was at a point where anything could fracture it. He possessed a legendary wit that never failed to supplement his demeanor as a proud servant to the British people. Before the proclaimed "Savior of the country" emerged onto the scene, Britain was being transformed by the industrial revolution. According to Tim Lambert’s “A History of Great Britain In the 19th Century”,…show more content…
For two years, 1908-1910, he was President of the Board of Trade. In the British government this is an advisory body that appoints governors, deals with laws about trade policies, and to deal with the problems that the colonies had with administration. Then in 1910, he was promoted to Home Secretary. After this he was made First Lord of the Admiralty for four years. He was in charge of the British Navy. Two years later, Churchill became the Minister for Munitions, the Minister for War and Air, and then for a little he was Colonial Secretary. Churchill then decided to stay out of government for a while. In 1939, he returned to the position of First Lord of the Admiralty. A year later World War 2 started and he became Prime Minister of Great Britain. He then lost this position in 1945, but he later regained it in 1951. He became a Knight of the Carter and also won a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. “Rylee…show more content…
Winston Churchill no exception to that rule. During WWII Britain and France became allies, and decided that if France could hold the German/French border and not surrender unless it is mutual agreement then Britain could handle the navy and control the air. In the summer of 1940, the Nazi’s began to overpower the French army and they could no longer protect the borders. After repeated request for assistance from President Roosevelt, Winston made a decision that ended the Innocent lives of 1300 French allied soldiers. Prime Minister Churchill made the decision to ask the French Navy fleet to sail to a British ports, so that the Nazi force couldn’t acquire the Navy fleet. The captain of the navy fleet explained to Winston that he would never allow the Germans to gain the control of the fleet; He would sink the ships first. On July 3rd, 1940, the Prime Minister of Britain couldn’t risk the French to hold their end of the bargain, He decided that either they have 6 hours to follow the British ships or be destroyed in the port of Mers-el-Kébir. After the France decided they would not agree to the terms, the “Bretagne” was veraciously attacked. The remaining ships and submarines were made inoperable by force. A person in his position deserves a good drink or a few. It is no secret the Mr. Churchill was a heavy drinker. His daughter Sarah said her father indulged in what she called a “Papa Cocktail.” The “Papa

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