Outline And Evaluate The View That Crime And Deviance Are Socially Constructed

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This essay will outline and evaluate the view that crime and deviance are socially constructed. Firstly what is crime, as we all know crime is any act which when is committed we are liable to punishment under the law. Invariably crime means breaking the laws. There are different types of crimes, crimes committed openly such as over speeding, burglary, robbery, etc. and there are hidden crimes. These are crimes that are committed and intentionally concealed. Such as crimes within the family, crimes of the state, racial victimisation, crime of the market. Also Durkheim see crime as inevitable and necessary to the society, because without crime there will not be the need for law to be in place. The perfect amount of crime will keep the society healthy and avoid anomie. Our society is only alright when social order is maintained by the necessary authority such as the police and the law court. This is due to…show more content…
Many things that were used to be illegal in the past are now legalised, For instance, here in the United Kingdom, same sex marriage used to be illegal until recently when a legislation was passed to legalise it. Mercy killing used to be illegal all over the world in the time past, this has been legalised in some countries today, and some things that are illegal here in UK is legal elsewhere, for example in the northern part of Nigeria a 45 years old man can marry a 15 years old girl and there is absolutely nothing wrong in doing that because it is acceptable in their society, But anyone that tries such a thing here in UK will be called a pheadophile and will face the consequences bitterly. As society develops, civilisation and modernisation lead to changes in status quo and orientation. Views on societal norms and values may change and depending on the disposition of the vocal groups in the society as well as the political leadership, Many things that used to be illegal may be legislated upon and become

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