Argumentative Essay On School Shootings

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How could one person be as cruel and unforgivable as to go and brutally strip away the lives of others? Were they just another bully looking for attention? The answer is simple. The bully was always bullied before he pulled the trigger. People always ask, “How could they be so heartless?” or, “Why would someone do such a thing?” The answer is simple. Others were so heatless, cruel, and unforgivable towards them. School shootings occur because invisible bullets were fired at them. Psychologist and author Izzy Kalman puts it very black and white, “every…[school shooting] was committed by someone feeling like a victim” (Kalman 2). I believe that no school shooter was ever a bully but always a victim, a victim of society and themselves.…show more content…
He explains each as being how a victim feels. Are we paranoid as bullies when paranoia is the fear that everything is out to get us? Do we go into rage as bullies when rage is a violent response to a threatening stimulus? Are terrorists murdering and revenging because they feel like it when they believe they are being attacked in the first place? The article also has excerpts from Eric and Dylan’s journals, both of which feel alienated and outcaste. Is this how a bully feels or how a victim feels (Kalman 3)? Of course I’m not encouraging students to go and resort to any kind of violence to handle their problems because that is never the answer. Some shooters are indeed mentally unstable and just complete psychopaths. Evan Ramsey, who now serves a 210-year sentence for killing his principal and another student, was put into solitary confinement for 6 months after assaulting another inmate with a sock full of batteries when the other inmate didn’t fuss up his debt of 4 candy bars while gambling (Roche 2). Sounds like something a psychopath would do, correct? However, he says he carried out his heinous “because he was sick of being picked on at school” (Roche 2). Evan was victimized and lives with even more paranoia

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