The Fault In Our Stars Review Essay

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The Fault in our Stars is an award winning novel, based on a true story, written by John Green. The book tells the story of two star-crossed lovers who are both dying of cancer. Hazel Grace Lancaster, the protagonist, is a sixteen-year-old girl that is diagnosed with an incurable thyroid cancer. In the course of three years, the disease has spread to her lungs, then affecting her entire body and leaving her constantly connected to a breathing machine. Without knowledge of how much time she has left to live Hazel decides to undergo a harsh experimental treatment, mostly at her parents wishes, that comes without promise she will go into remission. Hazel suffers not only physically with her sickness but mentally as well. Her mother,…show more content…
As the cancer strongly takes over within weeks, he starts chemotherapy, as Hazels health remains in the same state wishing the two could switch places. She doesn’t seem to understand how someone as amazing as Augustus has to have such a terrible fate that she had once accepted was upon herself. After a hard self battle, Augustus knows his body can’t take anymore, he dies in the hospital that same night, devastating everyone close to him. At the funeral, Hazel is extremely shocked to see Van Houten, who shows his sympathy by telling her the story of his daughter Anna, who died of cancer when she was only eight and that he couldn’t bring himself to finish the novel after her death. Days later, mourning the loss of her beloved other half, Hazel learns that Augustus has left her a letter, a eulogy for the girl he loved but had to leave. He talks about his love for Hazel and how he never wanted to leave her feeling the way she was. The novel closes up with Hazel finding some sort of satisfaction knowing how much he cared for her and that he died feeling loved by so many. Overall, this novel pulls a lot of readers heartstrings. The Fault in our Stars shows that no matter what the circumstances are, there are always reasons to keep fighting even though things can get tough. John Green has captured the idea of true love and overcoming obstacles in the best way possible while still relating to young

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