Essay On Social Class

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Money, popularity, and life throughout history have had some similar things and a lot of differences, But through the years inequality and discrimination have been around, from when men and women were not equal, to white people and people of color had laws because, of discrimination. Social class has maybe been the reason for some inequalities, Some social classes include, the rich, the poor, and the middle class, people have a brain and can criticize people how they look, smell, and live there life. All people are different; some like to save their money and get them a car, or people that have to spend it, then you have the ones that all their money is making sure they can live life. There is much reason why social class, should be taken down…show more content…
One source tells that there are ten things that make the different social classes have different things on them, some of the things people can relate to then some our wrong. Business Insider, tells that one thing that rich have then other social class, is that there more trusting, they're able to keep things open, then most people keeping things locked up, but anymore you need to keep things locked up because most things can get stolen out of nowhere. They also say “the poor will find fault”, which means they will put something on someone, in To kill a mockingbird Mr.Ewell pinned Tom Robinson for Raping his daughter when clearly the evidence did not even come to be guilty, the reasoning for that example is that the Ewells are really poor they
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