Persuasive Essay: A Day At Conestoga High School

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March 20?th, a typical day for anyone else at Conestoga High School. Me, not so much. This week is going to be a tight one. Today I get up at 6am and head to school. When I finish school around 2:30 I head right home to get something to eat before I leave again and try and slip a math problem or two in. Around 3:15 I head to the gym to get at least an hour and a half of a workout in. Lacrosse tryouts are coming up with in the next week and there couldn’t be anything worse than going out of shape and totally not ready. After a long tiring workout at the gym I continue straight back to school. I arrive at school around 5:15 leaving me just enough time to run into the locker room and change to get ready for cheer practice. This isn’t going to be the type of cheer practice you think.…show more content…
We are lifting girls up and down, tumbling all over the mat, and practicing our competition routine dozens of times over and over again. All the mistakes need to be perfected in less than a week in time for the competition. This practices must end early because this year, of course, the boys basketball team made it to playoffs and we have an away game we have to cheer at. (By the time we get to the game and start cheering at 7 I just remembered I have a project due and a test to take the next day.) The game has finished and I’m finally back at school, in my car on the way home. At nine o'clock I stroll on into the house. I haven’t eaten since 3 and not one bit of homework is done. I get a solid 40 minutes of homework done. Not nearly enough. My body can’t stay awake for another minute. I head right upstairs to shower and get in bed. Today, homework just wasn’t a

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