Essay On Roommates

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The vacation has come to an end. Its time to go to university. Whoever will be living on campus is waiting eagerly to know who their roommates will be. Will they be a gamer or slobby or a late lateef or truant? Well, the adventure begins when we get to know them. The Truant ones are never around. You see them the first time you move in and rarely see them around since the next day. They treat the room like a guest house. Your friends are not even aware that they are actually your roommates. They usually wander around outside or go and sit in another friends room. The only thing for which they are present in your room is for sleep. They will come in your room late at night after all their friends have decided to get some rest. Upon their entrance, you feel like some guest has entered during the day, when it is actually night. You don’t get to know the truant roommates much because of their absence during the day. Sometimes you even wonder if they are alive. The Late Lateef ones have a signature style: always being late. They are unbelievable. Be it attending college, parties or reunion, only one thing can be expected from them; being late. They can cover half an hour drive…show more content…
They will possibly have all the knowledge about video games on any electronic device from the gameboy to the XBOX. Regardless of what time or day it is, you can find your roommate on their hot seat which they are probably glued to. They will be interacting with the digital characters with such a high concentration that the whole world seems to be destroyed to them. Life is not fair in their presence. They seem an average student due to the amount of studies they do during the day. Surprisingly, they turn out to be on of the smartest people on the campus and have high chances of becoming our bosses in the future. Fortunately, they are not like any of the others mentioned above. At least they are present in the room and don’t make a mess of
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