Importance Of Medicinal Plants

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Medicinal plants are an important part of our natural wealth; they serve as natural therapeutic as well as valuable raw material for manufacturing numerous traditional and modern medi-cines.1 The number of disease are cured using plants hence plants have secured an importance place.1 Nature has been source of medicinal agents from ancient time and a large number of drugs are isolated from natural sources; apart from advances in modern medicine traditional medicinal value remain unchanged to every native on the universe off all continents.2 From Nature Medicinal plants have great value in the field of health because human being relied on the natural product for changing lifestyle and dies .1 Medicinal plants are selected and used as drugs for centuries. Initially traditional preparations (extracts, fluid extracts, tinctures etc.) were used for medicines. About 90% of 119 pharma-ceutical products were obtained by extraction from only about 90 species of plants.2…show more content…
A plant produces many chemical substances from giant molecule to simple ones on their cells. 3 Some of the products of metabolism are utilized by living system are considered as primary metabolites, these are carbohydrates, lipids, chlorophylls, proteins, carotenoids, beside these there are certain sub-stances which accumulate as an end product of metabolism and comes under secondary me-tabolites, these secondary plant metabolites include alkaloid, glycosides, amines, steroid and flavonoids. 3 These compounds have been extensively used in drug and pharmaceutical indus-try as therapeutic and diagnostic

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