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Carlos Casarez E.iT Prof.Siekman 10/13/14 Larson Jonathon Larson was a man that contributed a lot to the society of theatre that would also benefit a society that would change views on various topics of his plays, such as Aids and life in love. His life was sadly, short-lived, but his impact would last a life-time. “Love = art = disease = pain = life”. Jonathon Larson, in his early years, was exposed to the performing arts. Coming from a Jewish background, he had been exposed to many instruments, such as the tuba and trumpet. He had even sung in his choir; his theatre activity had started in high school but had extended to Adelphi University in New York; he had a four-year scholarship that was for acting, and his major was theatre. He had performed in various plays and musicals, and also he had embarked in music arts, such as composition, as well as composing. He had graduated with a bachelor of fine arts, and had participated in a summer program, as a piano player and because of that he earned his equity card for the Actors Equity Association. Larson had then moved into a loft with a few of his roommates, while he had worked as a waiter where he had met his soon to be actor for Rent, Jesse…show more content…
Larson had wanted to change the perspective of Aids and its “horror”, by educating many as well as helping to fundraise for it. He used his gift of theatre to help get his points on Aids and get his messages across to those who had a different idea on what it was, as well as wasn’t. His love of theatre and musicals had helped shed light on Aids and its entirety. His plays had also left behind deeper meanings within not only his characters, but his themes, and with his death he took with him the, if any, message behind his plays and

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