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Responsibility Essay It is common for people to seek out the judgement or opinions of others when they are unsure about an event or situation. It is important for us to know our weaknesses and to be able to reach out for help when needed. However, there are moments when a person relies only on another person’s judgement. Relying solely on the judgements of others can sometimes lead to an outcome that the person who was in control of the situation did not want. This raises the question of whether the person seeking the judgement, or the person giving the judgement are at fault when an event has a poor outcome. I believe that if you rely only on the judgement of someone else with a situation that you are in control of, then you are responsible for the outcome of that event. An example of this happened to my best friend, Makenzie. She was sixteen at the time and had just received her driver’s license. She was at a family friends house with her younger sister, Shiann, who would have been around…show more content…
I would say that it is important for a person to listen to the advice of authority figures, but at the same time, they should be able to alter the advice or think about if it is actually the right thing to do. In the case of a professor or teacher, I think that it is more difficult to say that the student is responsible for the outcome, but I think that if the student was unsure about something, they could also ask others or research for themselves. Since professors and teachers are more knowledgeable about certain subjects, it is expected of students to always take their judgement first, but in the end, it is the student’s decision to either take the advice or not, or look to another source for information, so the student would still take responsibility for the outcome of the

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