Descriptive Essay About A Storm

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What is a storm exactly, can someone explain. It was in the middle of third block science class the schedule said we would be learning about the digestive system but there's supposedly supposed to be a storm around five o’clock so there was a change of plans. We had been discussing storms for about two hours now and it was getting very boring, we had already done three worksheets, one essay, typed twenty facts about storms ,and now we were onto dissociation. Personally i'm not that great of a listener but some things of the things professor samuel said today caught my attention, like the discussion of what category the latest storm was, and good places to go during a storm. As professor Samuel was going to speak his phone rang he put it on…show more content…
I left my phone in my bag during class so it wouldn't be a dissolution. When I got to my car and took my phone out of my bag and checked it, I had six calls from my mom and four calls from my dad. I called my mother back to see what she needed. She told me that I needed to go home and get to safety right away because there was going to be a bad tornado with rain, and hail. I tried not to panic but rush to my dorm as fast but carefully as possible.There were surprisingly a lot of cars on the road but until I seen that they were going to the storm shelter, and the fire station. It felt like forever for me to get to my dorm but it was only actually took five minutes. I walked inside my dorm and seen all my roommates sitting on the couch with blankets,pillows,flashlights,extra shoes, and warm clothes. I walked to my room to gather all the thing that the other girls had. I walked to the living room where all the girls were gather and we talked until the hail came. I grabbed the remote and turned on the news. There was going to be a tornado landing nearby. The girls and I grabbed out stuff cleaned out a big closet and hid. We all sat and talked for what seemed like hours but was really

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