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Name: Title: Instructor’s name: Date of submission: SOLUTIONS TO PREVENT ROAD ACCODENTS Introduction Road accidents, also known as traffic collisions occur when a vehicle collides with a pedestrian, animal another vehicle or any stationary obstruction. These collisions result in damage to property, injury or death. Road accidents are reported each day in each country and have claimed the highest number of lives as compared to other forms of transport. Road accidents are not new to anyone around the globe. Although they are common, they happen when the motorists have no intention of causing them. This is vivid since the causes at most times are beyond human control, some of those causes include heavy down pour which causes the road users not to see clearly therefore causing an accident. Defective traffic lights and lack of road signs at important junctions are also causes of road accidents that take away a lot…show more content…
Focusing on road accidents, installation of adaptive head lights can help a lot to save lives. These head lights do this by rotating first when the driver is making a turn enabling the driver to see a dark curve and any object that may be on the way or even another motorist. According to a study conducted by Insurance Institute for Highway safety the use of these headlights has led to a reduction in road accidents by 10 percent. Having Forward Collision Systems is also a great way to reduce road collisions. They use a radar that detects when your car is closing in on another whether in reverse or when one accelerates forward, it takes control of the car and quickly reduces the severity of impact. It may also apply when a road user is distracted by something on the road and forgets that cars are closing in on his or her vehicle. So far this type of technology has led to a decline of accidents by 15
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