How To Write A Drunk And Distracted Driving Essay

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Drunk and Distracted Driving Essay Drunk and distracted driving is a very serious problem in today’s society. There have been many laws made that have restricted the use of alcohol and distracting objects such as cell phones and other handheld devices. Most of these laws have helped, but most people still break them and believe they are good at texting and driving, or able to drink and drive but are not. Distracted driving can cause greater impairment than being drunk and driving. More than 7 million people say that their focus is not affected by distracted driving. Teen Traffic fatalities have stayed the same even though the alcohol-related accidents have dropped. Teenage distracted driving is on the rise. Examples of distracted driving are; putting on makeup, eating, playing with the radio, changing clothes, shaving, etc.. Over eighty percent of driver admit to driving while doing other things besides paying attention to the road. Somebody…show more content…
These are manual distractions, visual distractions, and cognitive distractions. A manual distraction includes the driver taking their hands off of the wheel for example reaching for a soda, eating, or changing the station on the radio. A visual distraction is when someone takes their eyes off of the road for example if someone accidentally spills a drink, or have to deal with children or a crying baby. And the last one is, cognitive distractions which is the driver taking their mind off of driving for example when someone is trying to decide whether to change their baby’s diaper or even if they have a diaper to replace the old one with. The bad thing about texting while driving is that it involves all three types of distractions. An inexperienced driver who is under the age of 20 is usually at an increased risk; statistics show they have the highest portion of distracted driving – related fatal crashes. (Distracted driving 1-2) (Learn the facts about distracted driving

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