Milgram Experiment: Video Analysis

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The video features a man walking across a busy street. He dodges a few cars, only to be hit by a car half-way across the street. The car launches him forwards and he lay on the ground while onlookers stared and did nothing. Near the end of the video, it implies that someone called the proper authorities, due to the sirens and police cars approaching the man. No one stops to see if he is alright, and no one seems distressed by the hit-and-run accident, especially the driver. They look at him as if he were a dead animal in the middle of the road. The victim ended up in critical condition in a hospital, paralyzed from the neck down. Due to the amount of violence and accidents I’ve seen throughout my life, I didn’t really have a reaction. While…show more content…
It’s disappointing to find out that people wouldn’t react to a person in need just because others were watching. No one seemed to care about the people around them as long as it didn’t affect them. And only in situations where the person was viewed as important to society did bystanders do anything about the situation. Milgram Experiment In the video, the narrator, Darren Brown, explains that people will do terrible things when told to do so by someone of authority. The experiment consists of the subjects seemingly shocking another subject, whom they think is a subject but is actually an actor, when the actor answers incorrectly to a series of questions answered. They wanted to see if the subject would call a stop to the situation. Some did not stop delivering the shocks mostly because they were told to continue by the “scientists” who were also actors. Even when they had self-doubt of what they were doing, when the scientists told the subjects to shock the actor regardless of how they felt about the situation, they did so. Several subjects continued all the way to the last voltage, which would have actually killed someone. Cheyenne Meeks (Destiney

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