Descriptive Essay: Speeding Down The Long Beach Road

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Descriptive Essay Speeding down the long stretched road at 150 km/h, the world outside the car was nothing but a blur. Driving at this fast speed made me feel like I was free. Free from all of my responsibilities and the stress earlier that day. With no seatbelt, the driver's side window down, I breathed in the fresh, moist air to waken my body. For some reason, my eyes were blood shot red with a stinging sensation, and at the same time, my mouth was dry with a slight bitter taste to it. I disregarded that. My right hand on the wheel, my left elbow heavily resting on the top of the edge of the window, my index finger lightly tapping the red tint of the car, I felt indestructible. Swerving my car between the lonely two lane road, the radio turned up to…show more content…
After a while, I couldn't see, as the night set in, pitch dark as always. It was about 3 a.m. and even with my headlights on full power, the road was barely visible ahead. As I sped up the car to try to get off of this road and into the comfort of my home, I saw a coyote run across the road, right in front of my car, I turned the wheel sharply to the left and as hard as I can, I slammed my right foot on the brake pedal. The tires heated up and smoked and with the sudden and harsh brake, my car flipped forward and landed upside down. As the car was mid-air, I felt my heart get heavy. It reminded me of the feeling you get when you are upside down on a rollercoaster, screaming for joy, enjoying the trill. But, this time I was not screaming for joy nor was this accident thrilling. I was screaming due to the severe pain I was in. The only comfort I had was my destroyed car and my puddle of blood. My head felt wet, probably with my own blood since my head got pounded against the roof of the car during the flip. My two front teeth were no longer in my mouth, the air bag knocked them out. But, that pain didn't compare to

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