Drunk Driving Video Analysis

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You can find many communications and public service announcements surrounding the issue of driving under the influence in our world today. Drunken driving videos, commercials, and radio advertisements are in many media formats. Many focus on young adults facing pressure to drink alcohol. This is an important topic especially in our high school settings. The video that caught my attention is told in a different perspective. It is told by a girl, a young adult, who is responsible and decided not to drink at a party so she could drive home. On her way home, the girl was in an automobile accident and killed by a drunk driver who attended the same party. The video is an effective way to show that drunk driving not only affects the drunk driver, but many innocent bystanders too. This is something that more people…show more content…
The video setting surrounds a young girl who attends a party at a friend’s house. It begins with the main character, a young girl, dancing with lots of festive lights, music, and food. She is offered a drink at the party, but declines and chooses a soda instead. As the sequence of events unfold, the festive atmosphere of the video changes. The video becomes dark and blurred as the party ends to correlate what it’s like to drink. The party ends and everyone leaves. The next scene in the video is a dark road with headlights coming from an oncoming car flashing on the girls windshield. You hear sounds of a crash and then glass shattering. The dramatic use of music also plays a large part of the horrible story that is about to unfold. All along you still hear the young girl narrate her most intimate thoughts and feelings. The intoxicated driver appeared in a blurred view and is looking at his friend on the pavement glassy eyed and bewildered. As the emergency personnel responded to the accident and started to work on her, she hears the paramedic say she’s going to die. The lighting became even darker as the music

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