Aeaea Farm Case Study

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Competitor Analyses ARAM Farms 4P’s Offerings Observation Product Domesticated piglets 15-20 kilogram piglets for breeding, commercially bred and grown, high quality, consistent weight and size, fast growing, and offers farm-to-farm visits with their farm technicians so they can assure that quality is maintained. Price ₱4,500 to ₱6,500 It is high but their product’s quality reflects the price. Place Rosario, Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro This is on a mountain side. Transportation is harder but issues with smell and taxes are lessened. Promotion Word of mouth only Poor promotion efforts yet still effective considering their market share. VRIO LOCATION: Rosario, Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro Value: Yes, it is a strength The…show more content…
Aeaea Farms is situated in a rural agricultural land that has an abundant source of clean water but is still near enough that there is still electricity to reach it. It is also very secured with sturdy fences and fire safety as part of the rent of the land. Aeaea Farms has many suppliers of the feed they use in their farm that has a low cost and can be abundantly ordered any time they need. In terms of their inventory, in terms of their inventory, Aeaea Farms is expecting to produce an average of 30 heads per month that will be divided in different pens to efficiently segregate what should go out first to the market. As well as their quarantine area for the safety of the pigs and the breeding area where it is also divided properly to prevent inbreeding. Aeaea Farms has a strict quality control program. Inbreeding will gravely degrade the native pig’s quality; thus, it is strictly forbidden in the farm. Since the farm’s primary marketing scheme is providing an organic and clean native pigs, the farm makes sure that they only eat high quality organic food and the farm is kept as sanitary as possible. And in terms of sanitary control, Aeaea Farms has an integrated waste recycling system by making use if Vermiculture. Not only does this keeps the farm odorless and clean, it will also provide a secondary source of income to the farm. Finally, Aeaea Farms has a strict expense management which tries to minimize costs while still maintaining a high-quality standard, attainable through various

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