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Ever since I was a young girl, I felt like I was an outsider in school and at home mainly because my family members were somewhat the same amongst each other, so did my schoolmates and I thought that made me stick out. For instance, everyone who comes across my family they all point out that I had a fairer complexion compared to the rest of them, and that my features were more like my grandfather's than theirs. They are completely the opposite at home from me, whenever we came home from school or work my family preferred dead silence over meaningless chitchats because home was their safe haven from the typical noise exposure in daily life but I became easily agitated by that sickening silence so I would wear my headphones and turn the volume…show more content…
Then I started developing cyber-friendships and decided that if I cannot choose my family I can always choose my friends wisely based on our likes and dislikes. One day I met Shaikha through the public chat of an online video game, I was excited to know that we had one thing in common; we both were Qatari ladies. We multi-played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim constantly then we became good friends. In school I became isolated and used to sit during break time in the computer lab and each time I stayed there, there was this one girl with her ponytail tied back, she was looking intensely at the computer screen at the right back corner of the dimmed classroom. I wanted to get to know her but due to prior disappointments I immediately assumed that she was as shallow as the rest of the schoolmates. I was so curious that I snuck up on her to see what was she doing and I was happily disappointed by the silly accusation I made about her because at the end of that screen plays the new level theme song, a smile brightened up my face and hers when she caught me looking, unaware, I pointed at the computer screen and pointed back at her in awe! I just found someone in this godforsaken school who is into Skyrim as I am. I then showed her a trick to win instantly and we became friends in a heartbeat, one thing I have noticed about Shaikha was her

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