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How to Apply Eyeliner | How to Apply Makeup Eyeliner is the most important part of your eye makeup and in this article I will talk about the best tips on how to apply eyeliner. You don’t need to use a lot of eyeliner to have a great effect but if you use too much you will look like a zombie in a cheap movie! I will give you tips on how to apply eyeliner so that you can look in great for each occasion and for each look.First of all you need to know what how you want to look like. You can apply eyeliner in various different ways, you can get a natural look for daily use or a more dramatic look for special occasions. You have to decide what style you are aiming for before you start you makeup.After knowing what kind of look you want you can pick your eyeliner color. You have to choose a color that fits you eye…show more content…
You can try a green tone for casual and daily use, another alternative is brown. If you want a more dramatic look for the evening you can use a bright green to make your green eyes stand out or an aqua blue shade to make your blue eyes stand out. The standard black is always a good choice for every eye color.Eyeliners are available in different types ranging from eyeliner pencils, liquid pens, or in cake form. If you are starting out with makeup you should start with an eyeliner pencil or a liquid eyeliner because they are very easy to use. The eyeliners in cake have to be moist when you use them, you do this by putting a few drops of water on your brush and then applying it to the cake. You can have different color intensities if you put more water on it.The next step is to prepare your eyeliner before you use it. Most of the eyeliners are easy to use and low maintenance. A pencil eyeliner should be sharpened every time you use it so that you have precision to draw and for hygiene purposes. After your eyeliner pencil is sharpened you can warm it up a little with

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