Essay On Rape And Abuse

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When someone says rape and abuse, what comes to your mind? We hear about rape and abuse, but we as the new and growing generation need to understand it better in order to prevent it. Rape is a sexual assault, or intercourse on any unwilling victim. That includes being touched, grabbed, or fondled in anyway. It may be viginal, anal, or oral We need to take action and stand up for those who have been affected by rape or are being affected by abuse. Often times we hear stories about women getting raped. From these stories we hear such things as “She was asking for it”, and “If she didn't want it then she should of covered up”. In many cases it seems like few people think it was the rapist’s fault. Men will be men. So my question is, is rape and other types of abuse being under looked? It's not only women being targeted, it's also men and children, boy and girls, all different ages, races, religions, and economic backgrounds. They can be a husband or ex-husband; a live-in partner, a lover, a boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend; a son; a relative; or a caregiver. Also, there is more than just one type of abuse. Abuse is about power and control, the betrayal of trust, and lack of respect. It is using fear to control you. A majority of the time we hear about child abuse, but what about the less talked about types? There are more types of abuse and rape out there than you think. Things are being under looked and ignored by so many. Human trafficking…show more content…
If you look deeper into abuse, there are many types. Some are more rare to hear about than others. It can range from verbal abuse to financial abuse. Both are just as serious. Granted some may leave worse long term effects than others, but does that mean some are less serious than the other? We may be doing some of these things that are signs unintentionally, but that doesn't mean we are abusing the ones we love. Sometimes we do the things we do to keep them

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